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I'm just a regular Joe with a regular job.
I'm your average disillusioned, suburbanite S.O.B.
I like football, and pr0n, and manga about war.
I have an average apartment
with a nice hardwood floor.
The ex-girlfriend, no kids,
a nice car, my feet on the table
and a "Jamaican cigar".
But sometimes that just ain't enough
to keep a guy like me interested
(nope, no way, uh-uh)
No, I gotta have a fun
and just forego the expense
(oh yeah, yeah-yeah, hm-hmm)
The joy, sorrow and financial strain
this f*king "hobby" will drive you insane!

And no need to say it, 'cause I already know.


Curator: transmet
Gallery Created: 4/1/2004