Welcome to where I pay HOMAGE to the animation gods. And, while it may seem a little random, rest assured that it all makes perfect sense to me. Also, please note that artworks are Not for Sale - Enjoy!

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10/30/2017Back from the dead.. kinda
4/29/2006Added a Ninja Scroll section, 2 new Big O cels, 1 Gunnm cel and some Champloo sketches.
2/8/2006Added an Outlaw Star section.
10/25/2005Added a new Big O cel.

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Rambling Muses

Title Last Updated
~ preview ~ 11/1/2017
æon flux 5/31/2005
akira 8/25/2005
battle angel 4/27/2006
berserk 5/31/2005
big o 9/8/2006
cowboy bebop 3/9/2005
dragonball z 7/29/2004
evangelion 12/22/2005
golgo 13 9/8/2006
inuyasha 3/9/2005
metropolis 9/8/2006
ninja scroll 4/27/2006
outlaw star 9/8/2006
rikki tikki tavi 2/8/2006
samurai champloo 9/9/2006
serial experiments lain 3/27/2011
spawn 5/19/2004
transformers 4/19/2004
trigun 11/1/2017

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Gallery Created: 4/1/2004