serial experiments lain

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There is a world living within the "Wired" (a.k.a. the net) which thrives off and is then shaped by the minds of the people who enter it. It can be a peaceful place to meet others in order to share knowledge and play games - or it can be something else entirely. Lain is a quiet girl who prefers to keep to herself while residing in the real world and seems naive of the Wired's potential. After hearing a rumor at school about various people getting emails from a girl named Chisa who had committed suicide the day before, Lain decides to check her Navi (computer) to see whether she too had been sent an email. Not only does she receive the same message from the dead girl, she's also able to communicate with her in real-time. Intrigued, Lain then decides to investigate further, which is when things begin to get interesting...


Curator: transmet
Gallery Created: 4/1/2004